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Nature First

Nature First Willow Tube - Small 10.5 inch

Nature First Willow Tube - Small 10.5 inch

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Introducing Happy Pet's Willow Tube for Small Animals - an ideal toy for providing fun and safe playtime for your beloved pet! Specifically designed to meet the physical and mental needs of small pets, like guinea pigs, rats, hamsters and similar-sized animals, this toy is crafted from 100% natural, high-quality willow and has low salicin levels. Stuff the tunnel with hay or treats to keep your pet entertained and active for hours. Plus, with no pesticides used in the production of this pet toy, you can be sure that it is safe for your four-legged friend to gnaw and chew, helping to keep their teeth in perfect condition. Not only does this small pet tunnel help to stimulate your pet's natural nesting instincts, it can also provide a cosy little hideaway for your furry friend to retreat to. Get the Happy Pet Willow Tube for Small Animals today and you can help keep your little buddy happy and active! As with any pet toy, you should ensure that you supervise your pet while playing and remove it immediately if it becomes damaged or worn out, or if parts become separated.

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