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Handiscoop Easy Walk

Handiscoop Easy Walk

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The HandiScoop is a revolutionary new way to quickly and hygienically pick up dog poop on all surfaces. It's perfect for the garden, house, or on walks, and saves time, money, and stress. With it you can easily clean up house lawns, patios, gravel, sand, or kennel areas without having to do any cleaning. You can use the three loaded bags to protect the jaws for hygiene purposes and even fill up a 2 gallon bin lined bucket with up to 100 poops in just one scoop. To dispose of it, simply seal the bag with the last poop and discard it with the rest of the bucket bin liner. This method is especially useful for those living in rural areas who need to clear away dog litter from paths with no bins for miles. The HandiScoop is much easier than using a garden trowel, more hygienic, and reduces smells and bending.

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