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HandiScoop Easy Reach 85cm

HandiScoop Easy Reach 85cm

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Introducing HandiScoop—the revolutionary new way to pick up pet waste on all surfaces. Quick and hygienic, it requires no cleaning and saves time, money, and stress. Perfect for use in the garden, house, or on walks, HandiScoop is a great solution for those looking for an easy way to pick up dog poop. Use HandiScoop in the house, lawns, patios, gravel, sand, or kennel area. Three loaded bags protect the jaws for hygiene reasons, and they can be used in conjunction with a 2 gallon bin-lined bucket to pick up large amounts of pet waste—up to 100 poops! When finished, simply seal the bag and dispose with the rest of the bucket. Those living in rural areas can use HandiScoop to clean pathways without needing bins for miles around. It’s easy to use, more hygienic, and reduces smells and bending. Get HandiScoop for your eCommerce website today!

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