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Great & Small

Great & Small Sleepy Cat Tunnel

Great & Small Sleepy Cat Tunnel

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Our fierce felines certainly do enjoy showing off their impressive hunting skills.

Our Great & Small Sleepy Stars Cat Tunnel is designed to tire out your cat, by helping to stimulate those natural hunting instincts. This clever tunnel is made with a crinkly material that is sure to pique your kitties' interest. This can be used as a handy hiding space so your fabulous feline can leap out on an unsuspecting toy mouse. Luckily this tunnel is made with extra durable and strong material so it can withstand the might of even the greatest furry hunter. To top it all off this can be wiped down and easily stored away once your cat has snuggled down after a tiring play session. So, there you have it the purrfect way to give you and your cat a peaceful night's sleep!

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