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Gor Pets

Gor Pets Gor Hugs Mommy Rabbit 38cm

Gor Pets Gor Hugs Mommy Rabbit 38cm

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Gor Hugs Rabbit is made for a playful dog who is stimulated by sound. The big floppy ears of the toy make a crinkle sound. Available in two sizes.

Active dogs will be kept occupied with the toys sound making abilities. Floppy ears will dangle and crinkle when thrown about. The additional one-piece grunter in the body of Mommy Rabbit provides extra sound effects for fun wanting dogs. We have used a new one-piece grunter which is more durable and a safer alternative to standard grunters on the market.

Dogs love to snuggle with these softies. Please note this toy isn’t indestructible, dogs must be supervised at all times when playing with it.
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