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GoodWood Chewable Stick Coffee Tree Wood

GoodWood Chewable Stick Coffee Tree Wood

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GoodWood is a natural, chewable stick for dogs, made from coffee wood. Perfect for a dog's dental hygiene, these sticks are free from animal traces, artificial ingredients, and additives. They are also vegan, 100% natural, and untreated. Chewing GoodWood encourages the release of fine wood fibres which are harmless and can be digested without a problem. GoodWood is long lasting and provides your dog with hours of entertainment, whilst reducing plaque and preventing gum disease. Legal Disclaimer: NATURAL CHEWABLE STICKS FOR DOGS, MADE FROM COFFEE WOOD. Treat your dog to this "GoodWood" chew stick. Whilst keeping your dog occupied with this natural, safe stick which is great for their dental hygiene. Great for dogs who love to chew. These sticks have many benefits: Caffeine Free Free from Animal Traces No Artificial ingredients and additives Vegan 100% natural and untreated wood Suitable for overweight dogs or dogs with allergies Long last entertainment for your dog Handcrafted and produced from a sustainable source. Box Contains: GoodWood Coffee Tree Wood.

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