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Good Boy Pigs In Blankets

Good Boy Pigs In Blankets

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Treat your pooch to a delicious snack with Good Boy Pawsley Pigs in Blankets Dog Snacks. This natural, hypoallergenic, and completely safe treat is made with a combination of pork, duck, and chicken for a rich source of protein. The soft meat pieces are tender enough to be easily digested, and the low-fat, high-protein formula makes it ideal for dogs of all sizes and breeds. Plus, these sausages are wrapped in bacon for an even more delicious flavour. Each pack is available in a re-sealable pouch to keep the treats fresh and full of goodness, and is suitable for dogs over 4 months of age. Good Boy Pawsley & Co. is renowned for its natural recipes that are free from wheat and cereal, making this the perfect treat to shower your pup with love.

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