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Gain Greyhound Puppy & Sapling

Gain Greyhound Puppy & Sapling

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Gain Greyhound Puppy & Sapling is a specially formulated product to support the growth of greyhounds, pregnant and lactating bitches. It contains high-quality chicken, fish, eggs, gluten meal and skim milk proteins to ensure the right balance of amino acids for development and strength. Flaxseed, fish and canola oil are included to help maintain the correct ratio of omega-6 to omega-3, which aids in the development of skin, coat, brain, and vision. Brewer's rice, maize, chicken fat, and canola oil provide the optimal energy supply for slow and controlled growth up to maturity. Lean muscle mass is built with the inclusion of L-carnitine, which reduces body fat storage. Brewers yeast, FOS, and pulp are included to support a healthy digestive system. Wheat and soya also help with digestibility, reducing the risk of digestive issues. Analytical constituents include crude protein (29%), crude oils and fats (17%), crude fibre (2.5%), crude ash (5.9%), phosphorus (1.1%), moisture (8%), and calcium (1.6%).

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