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Furminator Adjustable Dematter Tool

Furminator Adjustable Dematter Tool

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The FURminator® Adjustable deMatter Tool is perfectly designed for all cats and dogs and offers a safe and easy way to remove matted hair. With adjustable dematting edges to suit all coat types and lengths, curved cutting edges for added safety, and an ergonomic nonslip handle for maximum control, this tool is the perfect choice for keeping pet fur mats free. Plus, its durable stainless steel edge and easy-slide tab locks make it as easy as possible to use. To get the best results, please read all instructions and FAQs before beginning your grooming. Adjust the dematting cutting edges to the desired hair length and press the FURextender button. Then, move the mat breaker through the fur mats following the grain of the hair using brisk, firm strokes until mats are broken up and small mats can be brushed out or fall out on their own. Use as often as needed, including daily, on dry hair.

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