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Forthglade Complete Senior Grain Free Variety 12 x 395g

Forthglade Complete Senior Grain Free Variety 12 x 395g

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This senior variety pack contains our lamb and turkey with butternut squash and vegetable recipes, specifically designed for older dogs. Each recipe has been tailored to your dog's life stage needs, containing 60% protein (turkey or lamb) and added supplements to support your dog in its senior years.

All of our senior dog recipes contain salmon oil, a source of omega 3 to help maintain cognitive function, alongside higher levels of chondroitin and glucosamine to help support joint and bone health. These meals are also lighter in calories to support your dog in maintaining a healthy weight.

Perfect for all your dogs feeding needs, this complete recipe can be given as a standalone meal, a combination of wet and dry, or even as a tasty topper.

Pack Contents: 12x395g variety pack contains 6x lamb and 6x turkey trays.

Storage: a cool, dry place is best. Pop in the fridge after opening and use within 48 hours. Like most good food, it's tastiest at room temperature.

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