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Flecta Vizlite Dt Dog Coat

Flecta Vizlite Dt Dog Coat

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Flecta Vizlite Dog Jackets are designed to be highly visible in all types of lighting conditions. The fluorescent yellow fabric makes it easier to spot a dog during the day, while reflective tape on either side of the jacket amplifies the reflection of light from any source at night. This innovative jacket also comes with Vizlite DT technology which absorbs light from any UV source (sunlight or a bulb) and uses it as a battery to store the light. When it is dark, the stored energy is emitted as a bright glow, making the dog visible for up to 8 hours. The jacket charges in just 10 minutes depending on the light source. Additionally, the jacket is insulated with NASA-developed Flectalon to reduce heat loss even in freezing temperatures, and is also showerproof to keep your pet dryer for longer.

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