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Fish4Cats Cans Mackerel with Anchovy 70g x 10

Fish4Cats Cans Mackerel with Anchovy 70g x 10

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Dive into deliciousness with our Fish4Cats Mackerel with Anchovy. This flavourful combination of mackerel and anchovy is a hit with cats who love a strong, fishy taste. It’s not just tasty, it’s also great for their coat and overall health. Plus, the juicy broth helps keep your cat’s urinary tract in tip-top shape. Crafted without any artificial nasties and completely grain-free, this wet cat food is a premium choice for pampering your pet.

Each flavour in the Fish4Cats finest range is lovingly crafted with the perfect blend of fish fillet, rich fish broth, and a touch of rice. This ensures your cat enjoys a deliciously moist meal that supports their hydration and overall well-being. We believe in natural goodness, so our recipes are free from artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives. Treat your cat to a premium dining experience that champions the best of the sea.

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