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Felipure Finer Multi Cat Cherry Blossom Scented Litter

Felipure Finer Multi Cat Cherry Blossom Scented Litter

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Looking for the best clay-based litter which blocks odours up to 72 hours?

New Felipure Finer Cherry Blossom scented litter for Multi-Cat households, that absorbs more and lasts up to 30% longer than regular Felipure. Our superfine granules absorb waste more efficiently, tested against our regular litter, so you use up to 30% less litter!

Felipure Multi-Cat contains extra strength Odour Block™, an antibacterial coating to help keep your cat's litter tray fresh and hygienic, giving you peace of mind that your multi-cat home is protected from unpleasant litter tray odours.

The pro-clumping formula has extra strength absorbency and odour control to cope with extra use throughout the day. Specially designed with a light & comforting Cherry Blossom scent and smaller grain to make protecting your home a breeze!

Felipure is fast clumping, using natural mineral granules with Odour Block™ to absorb liquid rapidly, creating solid and easy to clean clumps. The quick absorption of liquid and the virtually dust-free formula ensures Felipure is Low Tracking and gentle on delicate paws.

Available Sizes: 6kg, 12kg.

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