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Feelwells All In One Healthy Dog Treats 130g

Feelwells All In One Healthy Dog Treats 130g

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All in One Treats are designed to be fed every day to help with skin, coat, teeth & joints.

Oven baked with duck and oats these crunchy, tasty biscuits contain:-

Peppermint, parsley, green tea and cranberry to freshen breath and help fight bacteria and plaque build up
Flaxseed and Rapeseed - excellent naturally rich sources of Omega 6 & 3 to help keep skin & coat in top condition
Glusosamine, chondroitin, MSM & Devils Claw to help with joint health and mobility.

These replace the previous Feelwells Benefits Skin & Coat, Joint & Mobility, Breath & Dental Theats. All in One are exactly the same shape, size and taste but all the active ingredients are packed into one treat

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