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Ancol Ergo Stripping Comb

Ancol Ergo Stripping Comb

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This Stripping Comb is perfect for removing unwanted hair, leaving a smooth and neat coat. It is ideal for wiry, long, and silky coats, and features a replaceable, double-sided blade. For safe use, the Stripping Comb comes with a lockable cover. To use the Stripping Comb, ensure the fur is free of knots and mats, and brush the hair in the direction of the fur growth. Grooming is a great way to bond with your dog, but take it slow when introducing them to it. Begin grooming sessions when your dog is relaxed, and use tools gently to avoid tugging on the skin. Give your dog plenty of reassurance throughout the session, and pause or end it if your dog becomes agitated or stressed. Keep grooming sessions brief to begin with, and increase the length of the sessions as your dog becomes used to grooming.

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