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Ancol Ergo Moulting Comb

Ancol Ergo Moulting Comb

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The Ancol Ergo Moulting Dog Comb is an excellent tool for removing any loose hair from your pet's coat, leaving them looking and feeling their best. The comb's medical quality stainless steel pins are rounded at the ends for a gentle, pain free experience, with two different lengths of pins that work together to remove the topcoat and the undercoat. After grooming, your dog will be left feeling light and refreshed.

To use, comb the fur in the direction of the growth and be careful not to push the comb on your pet's skin. Gently and slowly work out any tangles to avoid painful tugging, and be aware that matted fur may need to be cut. End the session if your dog becomes distressed or stressed.

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