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Doggyrade Isotonic Drink For Pets

Doggyrade Isotonic Drink For Pets

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DoggyRade is an isotonic drink that helps to quickly rehydrate dogs after exercise. It contains electrolytes and prebiotics that promote good digestive health and helps to replenish fluids, minerals and nutrients lost during exercise. DoggyRade comes in two sizes: a 500 ml brick and a 250 ml brick, and is suitable for all dogs, especially those who have been exercising or working. Give your pup DoggyRade as a reward or low calorie treat with a refreshing effect. Suggested serving sizes are: very small dogs (up to 5kg) 50-100ml; small dogs (5-10kg) 100-200ml; medium dogs (10-25kg) 200-500ml; and large dogs (25-50kg) 500-1000ml.

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