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Dog Recovery Suit Black

Dog Recovery Suit Black

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, the Suitical Recovery Suit Dog Extra Small, Black is a professional alternative to a cone and full body bandage. This suit is designed to fit snugly and is made from a breathable stretchy cotton and Lycra fabric, allowing complete freedom of movement without sacrificing durability or strength. The rear closure ensures for effortless fitting. The suit helps to reduce stress, fear and uncertainty after an operation when compared to an Elizabethan collar. Furthermore, it helps to prevent your dog or cat from touching the wound easily, and allows air to circulate around the wound to keep it dry. The interior of the suit is light blue so that any discharge of fluids from the wound can be observed. A porous sheet or incontinence pad can also be inserted in the suit. The suit can also be used to keep your pet warm and protect its skin from scratching or biting. It also reduces the risk of urine or blood stains in your home. Additionally, the press buttons near the base of the tail make it easy to take your dog for a walk without removing the shirt.

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