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Dexas Scrubbuster

Dexas Scrubbuster

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The DEXAS ScrubBuster is a gentle, compact dog-washing brush designed to provide quick yet thorough cleaning wherever and whenever you need. Featuring a sturdy yet flexible set of silicone bristles that dogs love, it massages their skin while also cleaning. This brush includes a built-in pet shampoo reservoir that you can easily activate by pressing the soft button on the top of the ScrubBuster when you need to fill or refill with shampoo. Suitable for use with or without shampoo or any other cleaning products, it's great for removing dirt, sand, mud and more, while supporting a healthy skin and coat condition with its gentle cleansing action. Made with high quality materials, the DEXAS ScrubBuster is the perfect brush to keep your pup's coat clean and healthy.

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