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Critters Choice

Critters Choice Tasty Sticks 75g

Critters Choice Tasty Sticks 75g

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This 75g pack of Critter's Choice Tasty Sticks is a tasty and nutritious titbit for your small pet to enjoy as part of a balanced diet. These long sticks make an enjoyable snack that your pet will love, and they are hard to chew, which keeps your pet occupied and prevents them from wandering off. The treats are enriched with eggs, to provide your pet with vitamins and calcium to strengthen their bones and muscles, and promote optimum brain health. These colourful sticks also contain oils and fats to promote good cholesterol, and are made using EEC permitted colourants to make them look attractive and encourage your pet to eat them. As well as being packed with nutrition, these treats are sugar-free, so you can be sure that your pet is getting all the goodness without any of the bad.

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