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Great & Small Chew On Cod Bone 12cm

Great & Small Chew On Cod Bone 12cm

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Great&Small ChewOn Cod skin is a yummy, tasty treat for your dog containing delicious cod skin.

Dogs love to chew as it releases endorphins. Regular chewing and gnawing can help scrape plaque and tartar from your dog's teeth and keep him occupied at the same time.

Ideal to help appease periods of boredom, Great&Small ChewOn Cod skin is a treat packed full of flavour that your dog is sure to enjoy! An ideal way to reward or treat your four legged best friend, Chew On Cod Skin is extra tasty and likely to delight even the fussiest of dogs.

Ensure the chew is large enough so that the dog cannot swallow it whole. Dogs should always be supervised when chewing to prevent swallowing large pieces.

Often a suitable chew after puppies have gone through their initial teething. Many chews are more suitable for puppies over 9 months of age, however;

  • Always ensure you select the appropriate size chew.
  • Provided they are chewed safely and slowly, for short periods of time and with proper supervision, lots of chews can be suitable for any age dog. All dogs are different so it is best practice to test it with your pup first and remove if necessary.

Fresh drinking water should always be available. Feed on a non-stainable surface.

Made in the EU.

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