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Catsan Clumping Cat Litter 5 Litre x 3

Catsan Clumping Cat Litter 5 Litre x 3

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CATSAN® Clumping Litter is the perfect solution for long-lasting odour elimination in your cat's litter box. Its very fine clay granules form small, firm clumps when they come into contact with liquid, which can be easily removed every day, leaving only clean and dry litter behind. This ensures no time for bad smells to develop, and means you don't have to replace the entire litter tray as often. The 5-litre size is the perfect choice for an ecommerce website, offering convenience and lasting odour control. For best results, fill your cat's litter tray at least 5 cm high with CATSAN® Clumping Litter. Remove solids and clumps as part of your daily cat routine, topping up with new litter as required. Empty the entire litter tray at least every two weeks and clean with near boiling water and a gentle household detergent. If you have under-floor heating, place an insulating mat underneath your litter tray to prevent odours that can develop when the moisture inside the granules is heated up.

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