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Burns Pet Nutrition

Burns Alert Chicken and Brown Rice

Burns Alert Chicken and Brown Rice

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Burns Pet Nutrition offers a Working Dog Range specifically designed for assistance dogs with increased levels of antioxidants from green tea extract and blueberry extract, added salmon oil to help maintain calmness, alertness, and attentiveness, and no common ingredients known to cause food intolerances such as wheat, soy, and dairy. The diet is made with natural ingredients, is low in fat, and highly digestible to meet the needs of different types of working dogs. It contains vitamins and minerals to support brain health. This complete diet is suitable for adult and senior dogs of all breeds. Store in a cool dry place and use within 3 months of opening. 10 grams of food per 1 kilogram of body weight per day is recommended for adult dogs and 8 grams per 1 kilogram of body weight per day for senior dogs.

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