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Bugalugs Hydrating Detangling Spray 200ml

Bugalugs Hydrating Detangling Spray 200ml

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This pH balanced, detangling and conditioning spray is designed to leave your pet's coat looking silky and smooth while unmatting and detangling stubborn knots and tangles. Crafted with a vegan, naturally derived formula free from Alcohol, Parabens, Silicones, SLES, SLS, DEA and Enzymes, this spray contains Wheat Protein that penetrates your pet's hair to repair, restructure and protect from within. Wheat protein also leaves your pet's hair feeling super smooth and creates a protective film that guards from daily stress. Not only does this 3-in-1 spray condition, nourish, and repair for a silky, tangle-free coat, but it can also be used to prevent matting when used regularly. Suitable for all breeds and can be used on cats and horses. Directions for use: Wet Hair - After shampooing, lightly mist the detangling spray over the pet's fur, avoiding eyes, noses and ears. Gently unlock knots and tangles with detangling brush suitable for the breed intended. No rinsing needed. Dry Hair - Spray directly onto dry fur in a light mist. Tease out knots and tangles working from the ends to the roots. No rinsing needed.

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