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Walter Smith

NAW Buffalo Trachea Wraps 3 Pack

NAW Buffalo Trachea Wraps 3 Pack

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We really mean it when we say Waste Not, Want NAW. Our meaty Buffalo Wraps are made of air-dried trachea wrapped in Buffalo Lung. Cut and dried it’s the natural, high protein chew your dog would choose.

Nothing beats the real deal. Our Buffalo Wraps are the perfect natural, high-protein, high-value treat for your dog.

Sourced from free-range, hormone-free buffalo, these tasty snacks are a leaner, healthier alternative to pork or beef. 

High in Omega 3 to help maintain a healthy heart and with no additives or preservatives these tasty chews also support good dental hygiene as well as encouraging mental stimulation.

Suitable for dogs over 3 months of age.
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