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Bow Wows

Bow Wow Monster Munch 200g

Bow Wow Monster Munch 200g

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Treat your furry friend to the delicious Bow Wow Monster Munch 200g Dog Treats - made with high-quality ingredients and a healthy blend of meat and animal derivatives, such as collagen, beef and pork greaves, these chewy treats are packed with proteins and low-fat content for an extra scrumptious flavour that your pup will love! Cut them up into smaller pieces to use as rewards or treats to reinforce positive behaviour and keep your pup entertained for hours. Not only do these treats taste great, they also help with your pup's overall wellbeing and vitality, as well as helping to promote healthier gums and teeth. Serve with plenty of fresh water to keep your four-legged friend hydrated and happy!

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