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Bob Martin

Bob Martin Clear Home Flea Spray Plus With Igr

Bob Martin Clear Home Flea Spray Plus With Igr

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Bob Martin Clear Flea Home Spray Plus 500ml is a triple action formula that kills adult fleas and ticks as well as their eggs and larvae for up to 12 months. It also kills house dust mites which can cause allergies in people and pets. Key Benefits: • Kills fleas and ticks in your home • Protects for up to 3 months • Stops flea eggs & larvae developing for up to 12 months • Size 500ml How to Use: Vacuum your carpets thoroughly prior to application to open the carpet pile, allowing the spray to penetrate. After vacuuming, remove all pets, including birds and fish, from the area to be treated. Hold the can approximately 30cm (12") away from the surface to be treated and spray for 4 seconds to cover 1 square metre. Spray in a criss-cross pattern and pay special attention to cracks and crevices, such as skirting boards. Please note: do not use this product on animals.

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