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Bob Martin

Bob Martin Clear Home Flea Bomb

Bob Martin Clear Home Flea Bomb

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Bob Martin Clear Home Flea Bomb is an effective way of eliminating fleas from your home, especially those in the rooms your pet frequents. Warm environments are ideal for fleas, allowing them to jump from your pet onto furniture and carpets. One Flea Bomb can treat up to 36 cubic metres of space, killing fleas instantly. Directions for use: 1. Before treating the room, remove all living organisms, such as plants, animals and fish tanks. Strip beds of bedding if treating a bedroom. Disconnect the power to smoke detectors during the treatment. Close all windows. 2. Take the Flea Bomb from the packaging and remove the lid. Place the Flea Bomb on a fire-proof surface, such as a metal plate or brick, centrally in the room. Light the wick, leave the room and shut the door. 3. After two hours, re-enter the room and open all windows. Leave the room for another 30 minutes to ensure adequate ventilation. Dispose of the used Flea Bomb in the household waste and reconnect the power to the smoke detectors.

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