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Bob Martin

Bob Martin Clear Flea Tablets For Dogs Over 11Kg

Bob Martin Clear Flea Tablets For Dogs Over 11Kg

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Bob Martin Clear Flea Tablets for Large Dogs provide fast and effective relief from fleas and their associated discomforts for your pet. The small, easy to use tablets start killing fleas within 15 minutes and eliminate 100% of them within 24 hours. They are suitable for use on puppies from 4 weeks old, and pregnant and suckling mothers. For best results, weigh your pet to confirm the dose required and give the tablets on any day when fleas are detected, repeating on any subsequent day but not more than once per day. For complete flea elimination, Bob Martin Clear Spot On may be required in addition to the tablets, and Bob Martin Clear Home Flea Spray can be used to remove fleas from bedding, baskets and other resting areas.

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