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Beaphar WORMclear Worming Spot-On for Cats 2 pipettes

Beaphar WORMclear Worming Spot-On for Cats 2 pipettes

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Beaphar WORMclear Spot-On for Cats is an effective and easy-to-use spot-on solution that is ideal for treating tapeworm infestations in cats. This veterinary strength medicine contains praziquantel and is suitable for cats and kittens aged 12 weeks and over, weighing more than 1kg, including pregnant and nursing queens. ALWAYS READ THE PRODUCT LEAFLET AND PACKAGING BEFORE USE. The correct dose of one tube per 2.5kg bodyweight should be applied. To use, remove the tube from its blister pack, twist and pull the cap off, turn the cap over and use the other side to break the tube seal by pushing down and twisting the cap. Part your cat’s fur between the shoulder blades and place the tip of the tube onto the skin. Squeeze the tube several times to empty its contents directly onto the skin. Do not allow children to play with your cat, or recently treated animals to groom each other, until the fur is fully dry. Kittens, nursing queens and adult cats should be treated as recommended in the product leaflet. Do not exceed the stated dose. In the event of an overdose seek immediate veterinary advice.

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