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Beaphar Munching Sticks 150g

Beaphar Munching Sticks 150g

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Beaphar Munching Sticks are delicious, healthy treats for small animals, designed to provide your pet with natural enrichment and to help prevent boredom. Beaphar Munching Sticks aid digestion, and are made using an extruded, all-in-one formulation to ensure each stick contains the same composition. Beaphar Munching Sticks provide a fun and interactive way to enhance the human-pet bond. The sticks are approximately 5cm long, allowing them to be easily fed through the cage bars or fed by hand, with less risk of fingers being nipped. In the wild, rabbits and rodents will spend hours foraging for food, eating and chewing on wood or bark. Beaphar Munching Sticks can help mimic this natural behaviour as well as satisfying your pet’s need to gnaw. Beaphar Munching Sticks promote your pet’s natural chewing action, helping to support their dental health. Suitable for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters and other small animals.


ALWAYS FULLY READ THE PRODUCT PACKAGING BEFORE USE. Give a few Beaphar Munching Sticks per day as an enrichment or treat. Always have fresh drinking water available.

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