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Beaphar Multi Wormer Cat

Beaphar Multi Wormer Cat

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Beaphar Multi Wormer for Cats is suitable for cats over six months of age, and is a UK authorised veterinary medicinal product. It is a treatment for roundworms and tapeworms, and each 12 tablet pack contains 2 types of tablets: a pink one for roundworms and a fawn one for tapeworms. The tablets can be given whole, or crushed and mixed into food. The treatment consists of three doses given at weekly intervals. The dose should be based on the cat's weight, and it is recommended to routinely worm cats every three months. Do not use in cats under 6 months of age or weighing less than 0.6kg, as this could result in overdosing. Do not use simultaneously with any other worming products, and do not repeat dosing if vomiting occurs shortly after administration. Do not use in dogs, sick, or convalescent animals, and do not use in pregnant queens. Consult your veterinary surgeon before treating cats with a history of epilepsy or renal dysfunction. In the event of an overdose seek immediate veterinary advice. In case of accidental human ingestion, drink plenty of water, seek medical advice and show the packet or leaflet to the doctor. Should accidental eye contact occur, rinse immediately with clean, fresh water and seek medical advice if irritation persists. Wash hands after administration of tablets. Keep out of reach of children. Store below 25°C and keep away from food and drink, including animal feeding stuffs. Dispose of empty packaging and any part-used tablets in the household rubbish.

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