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Beaphar Eye Lotion 50ml

Beaphar Eye Lotion 50ml

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A dog's eyesight is essential for it to live a free and independent life. Unfortunately, eye problems in canines are quite common, usually caused by pollutants in the environment. To prevent any serious issues, it's important to clean your dog's eyes regularly. Beaphar Sherleys Eye Lotion is the best product for doing so. It's specially formulated with MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) and witch hazel to reduce irritation, and is safe to use on pets over the age of 12 weeks. This sterile saline solution keeps your pup's eyes clean and dirt-free. To use, place the pipette at the corner of one eye, making sure not to touch the eye directly, and squeeze 1-2 drops. Have your dog blink, then wipe away any excess with a cotton or tissue. To clean tear stains, put one or two drops of saline solution onto a cotton ball and wipe until the fur is clean. Make sure to use separate cotton balls for each eye. The product comes in a 50ml bottle with a soft applicator nozzle for easy application.

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