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Beaphar Eye Gel

Beaphar Eye Gel

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Beaphar Eye Gel is specially formulated to provide relief for dry eyes in small animals. It is beneficial for the health of the cornea and helps with eye function, thanks to its Vitamin A content. The gel softens and melts across the cornea to soothe sore eyes, caused by dusty shavings or abrasions from hay. To use, place one drop of the gel directly onto the surface of the eye, ensuring the tube does not come into contact with the eye. To help keep the animal still while applying, you may find it helpful to use an old towel. If symptoms persist after 1-2 days, seek veterinary advice as there may be an infection that requires medicinal treatment. Warnings: Do not touch the eye. Get veterinary advice if there is no improvement after 1-2 days of using the Eye Gel.

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