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Beaphar Dental Powder 75g

Beaphar Dental Powder 75g

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For cats and dogs, Beaphar Dental Powder complements your pet’s oral care to provide a healthier mouth between brushing, whilst supporting a calorie-controlled diet. With no hidden sugars or additives, brown seaweed has proven properties to counteract underlying causes of tooth decay. The 100% natural, brown seaweed has been ground to a fine powder for easy application, and can simply be added to your cat or dog’s food. Even after ingestion, it continues to work with your pet’s saliva to break down and reduce tartar build-up, and combat bad breath. Suitable for cats and dogs.


Add to your cat or dog’s regular meal once daily. In multi-pet households, feed each animal separately. Daily dose per pet: Cats and Small dogs < 10kg ½ - 1 scoop, Medium dogs 10kg - 25kg 1 - 2 scoops, Large dogs > 25kg 2 - 3 scoops.

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