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Beaphar Calming Cat Collar

Beaphar Calming Cat Collar

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The Beaphar Calming Collar for Cats 35cm is designed to help relieve behavioural symptoms in cats, such as reacting to fireworks displays, excessive sweating, and difficulty settling in catteries. This collar uses Valerian and Lavender to soothe your cat's nerves and reduce the risk of behavioural problems with no side effects. Valerian is released as soon as the collar is fitted and takes effect within an hour. Its resistance to liquid spills ensures it will still work even if it gets wet. It should be fitted securely, leaving a two-finger gap between the collar and cat's skin, and should be close to their skin, not covered by any other accessories. This collar can help cats who are feeling anxious due to changes in their environment or being apart from their owner. It has a mechanism that allows the cat to quickly free itself should it become caught or hung on something. It is an ideal solution for cats who are suffering from mental health issues due to an inappropriate environment, poor diet, or dirty surroundings.

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