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Beaphar Cage Fresh Granules 600g

Beaphar Cage Fresh Granules 600g

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Cage Fresh Granules from Beaphar are an easy and quick way to freshen cages and hutches. Containing friendly microbes that are harmless to pets and people, this product will neutralise and break down the odours of small animal urine. With just a light sprinkling of granules, your hutch will stay fresher for the whole week, making it more pleasant for both you and your pet. Additionally, the reduced smell will also deter flies and flystrike. Directions: Sprinkle the Cage Fresh Granules on the base of your pet’s cage or floor of their hutch, particularly in any areas they use as a toilet. It's best to use the product right after cleaning and while the housing is dry. Repeat the process every time you clean out your pet. Box Contains: 1 x Cage Fresh Granules.

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