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Arm & Hammer

Arm & Hammer Fresh Coconut Mint Toothpaste Dogs 55g

Arm & Hammer Fresh Coconut Mint Toothpaste Dogs 55g

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The Arm & Hammer Fresh Dental Care range has been specifically designed to provide your pet with an easy and effective way of taking care of their teeth and gums. With over 150 years of use, the coconut oil-based formula lasts longer than water-based formulas and sticks to teeth and gums, allowing for a long-lasting and thorough clean. Rich in nutrients, coconut oil helps to support healthy skin and coat, while the baking soda neutralises plaque, aiding in providing a deep clean between teeth and along the gum line, as well as freshening breath. Get the ultimate mix of natural ingredients for a healthy, clean mouth with Coconut Mint Toothpaste! The concentrated enzyme formula means a little goes a long way, while the coconut oil and baking soda help restore a good pH balance inside the pet's mouth, neutralising harmful acids, while maintaining breath freshness for hours. All products are extremely safe and contain no harsh chemicals, making them suitable for all dogs and puppies. Shop the variety of products now available on our website to keep your pet's teeth and gums healthy and sparkling!

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