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Arden Grange

Arden Grange Adult Cat Chicken & Potato

Arden Grange Adult Cat Chicken & Potato

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This Arden Grange Adult Cat with fresh chicken and potato is a complete food for all breeds of adult cats with a normal activity level. It provides generous helpings of fresh chicken, a highly digestible source of protein, and is free from grains and cereals. This recipe contains krill, a nutritionally valuable source of protein with an excellent essential amino acid profile, as well as a unique blend of nutrients and natural supplements to help promote the optimum health, vitality and condition of your pet. These include prebiotics to aid digestion, joint supplements, taurine for a healthy heart, sight and nervous system, essential fatty acids to help promote a healthy skin and coat, cranberry extract for urinary tract health, natural fibres to help prevent fur balls, and natural antioxidants and vitamins to help support your pet's immune system and dental health. It is naturally hypoallergenic, calorie dense, and ideally suited for a small digestive system.

This food is easy to feed and should be divided into two meals per day or allowed to feed freely throughout the day. It can be fed dry or with warm water added, but always ensure fresh clean drinking water is available. The Arden Grange feeding chart will give an estimation of the daily feeding quantity based on your cat's weight, but other factors such as activity level, temperament, digestion and rate of metabolism may also affect how much food is required.

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