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Animology Hair of the Dog Shampoo

Animology Hair of the Dog Shampoo

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Animology Hair of the Dog is an effective anti-tangle shampoo specifically formulated to remove knots, tangles and dirt from a dog's coat, leaving it clean, silky and free of tangles. This mild yet deep cleaning shampoo is infused with Animology's signature scent and contains Pro-Vitamin B5, essential oils and 'EASY RINSE' technology to help improve the health, strength and condition of the coat while keeping washing time to a minimum. Part of the multi-award winning portfolio of grooming products, Animology Hair of the Dog has sold over 1 million bottles and is used by top groomers and show dog owners around the world. It's the perfect choice for any dog owner looking to keep their pet looking, smelling and feeling simply wonderful.

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