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Animology Coat & Body Supplement 60 Pack

Animology Coat & Body Supplement 60 Pack

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The Animology Coat & Body supplement has been designed specifically for dogs, to provide exceptional nutritional support that improves the overall condition, health and appearance of a dog. Animology Coat & Body capsules contain a formulation of ingredients specifically blended to be beneficial to a dog. Amongst other ingredients Coat & Body contains:

  • L - Taurine - For exceptional heart health assistance and conditioning.
  • Omega-3 - To help improve the health and condition of a dog's coat and skin.
  • Biotin - To add shine and condition to the dog's coat.
  • CoQ10 - To provide energy, muscle and heart support.

Animology vitamins and supplements are the epitome of our commitment to pet care excellence. Our health supplements have been developed to offer industry leading, quality formulations that are completely natural and do not contain any artificial colours, flavourings or sweeteners. They are easy to use as they are delivered in a capsule that contains a measured dose. Each capsule can be given to a dog whole, or it can be easily pulled apart and the powder contents mixed within food or water.

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