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Ancol Just 4 Pets Small Animal Tuff Tube

Ancol Just 4 Pets Small Animal Tuff Tube

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Physical activities are essential for small pets to stay both mentally and physically fit. These activities not only help keep them healthy, but also improve the quality of their lives and strengthen the bond between them and their owners. In the wild, small animals would stay active by running, chasing and hiding, but in home environments, physical exercise and play are necessary to keep them healthy and content. Ancol Small Animal Tuff Tunnel is a great interactive toy that can keep your small pet entertained for hours. Suitable for small animals such as hamsters, ferrets, rats and gerbils, this toy is made from safe and non-toxic material and can also be used as a nest or treat holder. The tunnel can be twisted and bent into different shapes to keep your pet entertained and stimulated, and it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Additionally, it is washable for easy cleaning and can be extended from 18-75cm, with extra Tuff Tubes included for added fun. This product is a great addition to any small pet home, but it is important to always supervise your pet when playing and replace the tunnel if it is worn out. Make sure you check the size of your pet before purchasing this product.

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