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Ancol Plastic Muzzle

Ancol Plastic Muzzle

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The Ancol Plastic Muzzle for dogs is a strong and secure option that is designed to protect others in environments that make your pup nervous or aggressive. It also prevents them from eating anything they find while on walks or licking wounds. The pre-molded shape ensures a secure fit while still allowing your furry friend to pant and drink normally. If your pup isn't used to wearing a muzzle, it is best to introduce them to it gradually. Create a positive association with the muzzle by pairing it with treats, fun games, or something they really like. Start by having them wear it for a few seconds and gradually build up the time until they become comfortable. This muzzle comes in 9 sizes to ensure the perfect fit. Measure your dog at the widest part of the nose, and from the tip of the nose to the base of the nose between the eyes. 

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