Interestingly enough, “EUKANUBA” as a name came from the language of jazz music, as it came into popularity in the 1940s. “You-Kan-Noo-Bah” signified, in this unique way of communicating, something supreme and unbeatable.

That sheer unparalleled quality is the philosophy behind this brand. So in 1969, when EUKANUBA’s founder was looking for a great and memorable name for his new nutritionally-balanced brand of dog food, he channelled this 40s jazz word, and its signifiers – unbeatable excellence.

EUKANUBA is still “the tops” today; you can be certain your dog is getting the highest calibre food when you choose top-quality, dietary-customised food from EUKANUBA.


The EUKANUBA product starts with meat, plain and simple. Their attitude is that, because man’s best friend has evolved as a carnivore, we should continue to feed him according to his evolutionary needs.

EUKANUBA thus only uses high-quality meats, mainly chicken or lamb. You will not find vegetables as a principal source of protein in EUKANUBA food. EUKANUBA respect the differences between doggy breeds, as well as life stage, size, sensibilities and activity levels, providing you with nutrition permanently tailored to fit your dog’s discerning needs.

With knowledge and respect for animals, EUKANUBA are “Partners of Excellence” with “The Kennel Club”, alongside many other high quality European kennel federations. They are also in partnership with such highly-trusted and preeminent canine organisations as the Federation Cynologique Internationale.

EUKANUBA’s range of products

EUKANUBA’s range focuses on the specificities of your dog. They are pet owners, and pet lovers, who know that the reliability and safety of EUKANUBA products is of absolute importance when you’re choosing to feed their products to your dog.

They’ve spent almost half a century making sure that they only use the best, most high-quality ingredients for their products. They can trace back their products’ ingredients to where they were created – their main ingredients, protein, cereal and fat, come from Europe, New Zealand and the United States.

They also go further than other dog food brands in terms of quality assurance – each bag of EUKANUBA is subject to 120 tests before you even open it! They also undertake voluntary independent inspections to ensure the highest-quality procedures are being adhered to, using tests similar to those undertaken on human food, allowing you the peace of mind to trust their expertise and their quality.

Whether you’re looking for a healthy doggy treat, dry dog food for Toy breeds, dry dog food based on chicken for your cocker spaniel, dry dog food for working and endurance jobs or a whole host of other specificities, EUKANUBA may be the brand for you.

Buy EUKANUBA online today

We stock a massive range of EUKANUBA products, catering to the very specific dietary requirements of your pooch. Get online today to see how we can help you, with this brand, founded in 1969, which is committed to making your doggy’s life longer, healthier and better. Dogs can even live beyond their breed’s typical lifespan due to the sheer high-quality nutrition they receive from EUKANUBA products.Take advantage of free delivery on orders over £25 and fantastic prices with Time for Paws and buy dog food online today.