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Why You Shouldn't Leave Your Dog In A Cold Car

Don’t Leave Your Dog In A Cold Car

Over the summer there’s always terrible stories about dogs dying in hot cars. Leaving your dog in a hot car is extremely dangerous and irresponsible. However, a lot of people don’t realise that leaving your dog in a cold car in the winter can also cause problems. We tell you why you shouldn't leave your dog in a cold car.

Just as a car can act like a sauna in the summer, it can also turn into a freezer in the winter. According the American Veterinary Medical Association, ‘a car can rapidly cool down in cold weather; it becomes like a refrigerator.’ Just think about how freezing your car is when you get into it on an icy winter morning until you turn the heating on and clear away all the ice.

Have you ever broken down or had to wait in your car in the winter without the heating on? I got stuck on a snow day once, when the roads were completely blocked. I was stuck in my car, coincidentally, with two dogs for ten hours. I got a taste of what it would be like to sit in a cold car when it’s freezing outside.

Thankfully I was able to turn the heating on every now and then, and take the dogs for regular walks to warm us all up. I even had my Weimaraner sitting on my lap as it was keeping both of us warm. It’s not until you have to sit in a cold car that you truly realise how cold it can get. Some breeds will obviously cope better than others.

However, even some long coated dogs can still begin to feel chilly if left in a car on a cold day for too long. The chances are, if it’s too cold for you, then it will probably be too cold for your dog. I certainly didn’t want to spend any more time in my chilly car on a freezing cold night, and I imagine my dogs were feeling the same way.

This winter, think twice about leaving your dog in a car for an extended period of time on a cold day. Even if they don’t catch a chill or suffer any serious issues, you don’t want your beloved dog to be shivering and uncomfortable when you return. Take them with you instead of leaving them in the car. If you are heading out for the day with your dog, look for dog friendly places where you can stop off.

If you are going on a long trip, or even a short journey with your dog in the car, be prepared. Always have blankets for you and your dog and warm clothing in case you break down in a snowstorm. If your dog suffers from the cold, always have a dog coat dog jumper handy to protect them on particularly chilly days.


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