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The Growth Of Doggy Daycare Centres










Doggy daycare centres are popping up all around the country. There are approximately 9 million pet dogs in the UK and around 24% of households have a dog. That’s a huge amount of busy families and dogs that need looking after. Back in the old days dogs would simple be put in kennels when their owners went away. However, today there are a lot more options available. One option that is proving very popular is doggy daycare centres. The definition of doggy daycare centre does vary slightly.

One type of daycare is where people run small businesses by looking after dogs in their own home. The dogs benefit from being looked after in a home environment. They can settle into the routine of that home and fit in with the family. Daycare professionals will often include one or two walks in their daily daycare fee. This is an excellent option for when you go away. You just need to find someone you trust to leave your dog with and feel safe in the knowledge that your dog will be happy during their stay.


Another very popular option is taking dogs to a large daycare centre. These centres often have large open space such as a big field or outdoor area where the dogs can run around and enjoy themselves. They may look after between 10 and 30 dogs per day and have members of staff looking after the pack at all times. Some daycare centres offer a pick up and drop off facility, although this does add to the cost.


This isn’t an option for all dogs as some do not cope very well in a pack environment with a large group of dogs. If your dog doesn’t get on well with other dogs then they probably won’t be accepted into daycare. For dogs that enjoy the company of their kind spending a few hours in daycare is great fun. It’s great for socialisation and the large amount of exercise they do can help your dog keep fit and healthy. Expect your dog to be very tired when they get home.


Some more luxurious daycare centres are also attracting dog owners attention. People adore spoiling their beloved pets and some owners feel their dogs deserve on the very best care and facilities. You can go one step further and drop your dog off at a luxury dog hotel where they will be pampered and fussed over. Dogs even have their own toiletries and room service!

It doesn’t matter what type of daycare you choose as long as your dog is happy. It seems people are getting busier by the day and having a reliable daycare service is very important for some dog owners. Dogs shouldn’t be left on their own for more than three or four hours a day, although the length of time does depend on the individual dog. Take your dog to daycare where they can socialise and keep occupied rather than being left alone on their own for long periods.


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