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The Benefits Of Having An Office Dog

Dogs can make offices a nicer place to be. There are several benefits to having canines around the office. According to the  , bringing dogs to work can reduce stress and improve job satisfaction. They did a study conducted by Virginia Commonwealth University where they studied a manufacturing company where workers were allowed to bring their dogs into the office.

Having a dog at work with you also encourages you to go out for regular breaks. You will need to take your dog out to the toilet and may want to take them on a walk during your lunch hour. Getting some fresh air and doing some gentle exercise can help improve your productivity. Taking regular breaks is important and a bringing a dog to work will encourage you to do this.

Dogs are also much better off spending time in an office than being left at home on their own for hours on end. Workers also don’t have to worry about rushing back for their dogs. Encouraging more employers to allow staff to bring their dogs to work could help reduce problems around dogs being left on their own for far too long.

Stroking dogs and simply having a dog in the office can help to reduce stress levels. Dogs have been known to help people with anxiety and stress issues. Offices can often be quite stressful places and having a dog can help ease the tension.

can also help to boost morale. Feel good endorphins are released in humans when a dog is nearby. Sometimes offices can be in desperate need of a morale boost and a dog can be the perfect solution. A dog's presence in the office has also been known to reduce blood pressure. A person’s blood pressure can be reduced when they stroke or pet a dog.

Dogs generally make offices a better place to be, keep everyone happy and also provide some much needed entertainment!


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