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Games To Play With Your Dog In The Park

You don’t always have to walk your dog round in circles when you visit your local park. Walking is obviously good for them but there are lots of other things you can do to tire them out. Playing games with your dog is also excellent for mental stimulation and keeping your dog’s mind active. If you are able to incorporate some fun games into your time at the park your dog will love you for it. You can also use it as an opportunity to get some play focused training in and improve things like recall and obedience. Here are 12 different games to try down your local dog park.


A simple yet very popular dog game that can keep some dogs happy for a long time. If your dog knows how to fetch then this is a good way to get them running around and burning some energy. You can get special dog ball launchers that will help you launch the ball further.

Hide And Seek

If your dog has good recall then this is a brilliant game to play. Start by getting someone to hold your dog so they can’t see you. Then go and hide somewhere in the park and let them come and find you. Initially you can help them out by quietly calling them, but as they get better at the game they should be able to find you by your scent.

Piggy In The Middle

Get a tennis ball or old football and throw it to a partner with your dog in the middle. Every so often throw the ball a little lower so that they have a chance of jumping up and catching it. When they do successfully intercept the ball reward them by letting them play with it.


Dogs really enjoy playing Frisbee and jumping high into the air to catch their prize. It’s a pretty simple game. You throw the Frisbee and they run after it, fetch it and bring it back to you.


If your dog goes to agility classes then try doing some extra practise in the park. You can invent lots of different games to play with agility equipment and it will help your dog burn off lots of energy.


Shadowing is a game where you train your dog to follow you wherever you go. You can start off by tempting them to follow you with treats and rewarding them when they mirror your actions. This game is also really good for improving recall and the bond between you and your dog.

Hidden Toys

Take your dog’s favourite toys down to the park and hide them in different places. They will enjoy searching around for toys and then getting to play with them when they find them.

Tug Of War

Tug of war is another very simple game but it’s an excellent way of tiring your dog out and improving their strength.


Similar to fetch but your dog has to catch the ball in the air. If your dog doesn’t know catch you can train them by capturing the behaviour. Simply throw the ball and when they happen to catch it by chance reward them. Once they get the hang of this start saying ‘catch’ as you throw the ball.


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