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Games To Play With Your Cat

Playing is great for your cat’s development. It teaches them lots of different skills, many of which are natural predatory instincts that they need to express. Some of the skills they learn in play are similar to hunting skills they would use in the wild. Play is also an excellent way of burning some energy and alleviating boredom. It keeps cats fit, healthy and happy. Here are a few games to play with your cat.

Ping Pong Ball

For some reason cats imply adore ping pong balls. They will chase them around and play with them for ages. Stock up on a few ping pong balls and watch your cat enjoy hours of fun. Make sure you supervise them at all times.

Feather Wands

Cats adore chasing after feather wands. Attach a bit of feather to a piece of string or buy a feather wand. Your cat will jump in the air, dart about and try and clasp the feather with their paws. It’s an adorable game to watch and your cat will have a great time.


Cats like playing with any kind of ball to play with. Cats can actually be taught to fetch and some cats really enjoy a game of fetch. Or you can simply throw the ball around for them to chase inside the house or out in the garden.

Hide and Seek

Hide and seek is a brilliant game for cats as it enables them to enhance their stalking skills. Cats will naturally hide in places around your home and then jump out at you when you least expect it. You can also try and hide from them and let them stalk you.

Treats Under Cups

Get some plastic cups and put your cat’s favourite treats under some of the cups but not all of them. Your cat then has to bat over the cups to get the treats. It’s a great game for mental stimulation and is fascinating to watch.

Toys For Chasing And Pouncing

Chasing and pouncing are natural hunting instincts. Get your cat some toys that they can chase and pounce on such as soft toys or fake mice and rabbits. Then sit back and watch as they try and catch their prey.

Crumpled Paper

Crumples paper seems to make a sound that cats love. They just can’t resist a nice crumply bit of paper. Get a piece of paper and scrunch it up into a ball. Throw it on the floor and let your cat play with it. Take it away from them if they start to chew or eat the paper and discard it after play has finished.

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