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Doggy Diet Tips - How To Help Your Dog Lose Weight

Canine obesity is on the rise, lots of owners can’t help overfeeding their dogs. The reality is that this can lead to some very serious health problems, and even shorten your dog’s life expectancy. If your dog has put on the pounds lately and you want to make a change then there are lots of things you can do to help them. Although you might think reducing their food and treats is cruel, it is far worse for your dog if they are overweight. Here are some helpful doggy diet tips to help your dog lose weight and get back into shape.

Talk To Your Vet

Your vet is the best person to talk to when it comes to diet and health issues. Get them to weigh your dog and they will be able to tell you whether or not they fall into the healthy range. They can also recommend prescription diets and give you some nutritional advice.

Reduce Daily Treats

Lots of Dog Treats are packed full of sugar and cereal, which will make your dog put on weight. You can still give your dog the occasional treat just be aware of how much and how often you are giving them treats.

Do Not Give Them Leftovers

If your dog is already overweight then try not to give them all your leftover food. It’s so easy to overfeed your dog by always giving them leftovers. Be aware of how much you are giving them and if necessary put a limit on how much they are allowed. Many dogs end up get diabetes and extremely obese due because they are fed too much human food that is high in fat and sugar.

Avoid Cereal Based Diets

Cereal based diets will limit your dog's ability to lose weight. If you want your dog to lose weight then go for a dog feed that is higher in protein, this will also make them feel fuller for longer. Cereals will fill them up temporarily but they will quickly get hungry again.

Increase Exercise Levels

This is a very simple piece of advice but perhaps the most important point. If your dog needs to shed the pounds then you will need to gradually increase their exercise levels. Try and lengthen their daily walks and try dog sports such as agility, flyball or caniX.

Use Correct Portions

It’s so easy to get portion sizes wrong if you don’t read the label correctly. Don’t just estimate how much food to give your dog. Most dog food brands should tell you exactly how much to feed your dog. Check how much they should be given and weigh the food if necessary to guarantee you are giving them the correct amount. It’s so easy to overfeed your dog if you don’t read the labels!


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